2030 Gure Udal Agenda. The role of cities in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals

This year has been peculiar without a doubt, and for many local entities, town councils and regional entities, it was the moment to reflect on their role in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals. We had the privilege of participating and guiding many of these sessions in more than 50 Basque municipalities.

As part of the 2030 Gure Udal Agenda service, promoted by the Basque Government, we have witnessed very diverse and enriching reflections on the role of municipalities supporting the achievement of the Goals in the next decade. We had the opportunity to guide debates between municipal staff (technical and political) who work in areas as diverse as social welfare, gender equality, environment, economic development, promotion of culture and Basque language etc. Through the sessions, the 2030 Agenda has been seen as a possible model of transversal and participatory governance in which economic and social agents are also considered.

In addition, we have shared and conducted sessions with a Work Group formed by more than 30 city councils of the Udalsarea 2030 Network. The work sessions have been mainly of a technical nature, and were led by entities with very diverse characteristics, such as the City Councils from Vitoria-Gasteiz, Zarautz, Sestao or Oñati, as well as regional entities from Iraurgi Berritzen and Uribe Kosta Mankomunitatea.